The Right Flooring for Your Sunroom

A sunroom wouldn’t be the most important room in your house if you had to make a list – but it is essential that it’s as cozy as possible for those early morning coffee breaks or newspaper browsing sessions in the early morning sunshine. Getting the flooring just right in a sunroom is a difficult task. There are many things to consider when choosing such a floor – let’s dive into it.

Make sure it is resistant to humidity

A sunroom flooring that is not resistant to humid climates is a sunroom flooring that isn’t going to last very long. For this reason, carpeting is usually a bad choice for a sunroom. Fibrous surfaces absorb moisture, and a room with lots of windows lets quite a bit of it inside. Rugs tend to do okay in sunrooms, but only with regular and frequent cleanings – something you’ll probably not be doing with a carpet.

It’s best to go vinyl or laminate in a sunroom. This way, the surface is less prone to moisture absorption and can be more easily cleaned and maintained.

Plan for large amounts of sunlight

Heavy exposure to sunlight can lighten and stain dark colored floors and surfaces very quickly. In a sunroom, where the number of windows is typically higher than is normal, it’s advisable to go with a light color flooring to prevent these kinds of stains. Lighter colors of flooring also tend to complement the open feel of most sunrooms, so it’s a win-win situation for style and function to go with a lighter option in this particular room.

Also, don’t forget that stress areas with the most direct exposure to sunshine will stain more quickly. Try and rotate some solid rugs in and out of these areas to minimize the exposure levels and you’ll have no problems.

Choose a flooring option that is outside friendly

When we say go with an outside-friendly flooring, we aren’t saying you should put down concrete. But, most sunrooms are directly connected to the outside. It would be a good idea to put down a flooring that isn’t going to be affected too much by the occasional mud tracking. Laminate floors are particularly good in sunrooms for this reason. Their high durability means dirt and other outside contaminants won’t mess them up too badly.

If you aren’t careful, a poorly floored sunroom can quickly turn it into the most uncomfortable room in the house. The pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of both the rising and the setting sun is the mainstay of any effective sunroom – take your time and consider carefully your flooring options so you can maximize the comfort and functionality of this unique home experience.

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