Getting Your Home Ready for Summer Guests


One of the best things about the summer and the extra free time that comes with it is the chance to visit with family and friends. If you’ve got guests coming to stay with you for a few days, you’ll want to make sure that they feel right at home during their visit. Don’t forget to do these things before your summer guests arrive.

Change Bed Linens

If your guests will be sleeping in a guest bedroom (or if you’re giving them your bed), be sure to switch out the current set of sheets with ones that have just been washed. It’s often difficult to get a good night’s sleep in a new place, and a fresh, clean bed can really make all the difference. If you’re looking to really impress those out-of-towners, consider a new Englander mattress to show them what they’re missing. 

Buy Spare Toiletries

We’ve all been there: after hours on the road, you finally make it to your destination, only to realize that you forgot to pack an essential item like a toothbrush or deodorant. Save your guests this headache by having some spares on hand, just in case. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can even make sure to stock up on their preferred brands. And don’t forget to pick up extra bathroom tissue and other products that everyone will need during their stay.

Plan Some Activities

If your guests haven’t spent much time in your town, arrange for a night out to show them your favorite sights– visit the best restaurants, and check out any iconic attractions. If they prefer to stay in and enjoy some time at home, plan a fun night in with a home cooked meal and a movie or some games. Don’t forget to take into account the various ages of your guests– if you’ll have kids in the group, be sure that there’s plenty of fun stuff for them to do, too!

Get Outside

For many of us, the summer means more time to spend outside. Prep your yard so that you and your guests can enjoy the great outdoors during their visit. Mow the lawn and take care of any old landscaping issues from last season. If you have a pool, get it up and running, and restock floats and other necessities. If you don’t already have some, consider buying some lounge chairs. It’s fun to also pick up some yard toys like frisbees or water pistols for the kids (or the adults!) to enjoy.

Preparing your home and going that extra mile shows your guests your ready for them. And if you need to furnish a guest room in a snap, we’ve got all of the essentials here at Custom Furniture and Flooring.

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