Give Dad What He Really Wants This Year — A Recliner!

Well, it is that time of year where we celebrate fathers. Good old dad is typically easy to please and beams with pride at any gift or gesture of appreciate. Let’s be honest though! Does he really need another tie or want his name spelled out in macaroni again? Now, hand made gifts are special but maybe not as useful as we think. So, what does dad want this year? We have the answer – a comfy recliner!


Kick back in ultimate relaxation with an affordable recliner from Custom Furniture and Flooring. Find unbeatable value in a fabric or faux leather recliner chair with our selection of stylish reclining seating options. The recliner although one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture on the market has seen some perilous days when it comes to design. But my friends it is 2020 and the recliner has come a long way from the terrible versions of decades past.


If you need relaxation in a big way, Custom Furniture and Flooring has an incredible selection of recliners just for you. If you enjoy chairs with movement, look for a glider recliner or rocker recliner. Swivel reclining chairs provide movement and the ability to face any direction while seated—great for areas that are adjacent to multiple rooms; a kitchen-family room, for instance. Want a pair of electric recliners that adjust with the push of a button? Check out power seating to see our entire array of power recliners. Looking for a recliner with lots of room to stretch out? You should consider an oversized recliner or double recliner, even.


We understand that style is just as important as comfort when it comes to picking out a recliner for your home. So, stop by to visit our furniture warehouse to see all the newest features available in recliners in a vast array of designs, fabrics, and colors. Remember we are a locally owned and operated business that values our customers!

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