What Goes Into Your Flooring Quote?

When you’re looking for new flooring, you might be overwhelmed by a lot of things; price, color options, style designs, and much more. You’ll have plenty of decisions to make when the time comes but for now, you should only be thinking about what you want.

When you inquire about some of our flooring options, we’ll probably give you a quote. These aren’t necessarily the final price you’ll pay but they give you a great idea of where to keep your budget. But what all is included in this quote? Let’s look at how we put together these estimates.


Of course, the main factor when it comes to your quote is the product you choose. The actual price will depend on what type of flooring you choose and how much of it you’ll need for your home or office. You’ll have the option to shop for laminates, hardwoods, carpeting, and much more in our warehouse. Keep in mind that our warehouse-style showroom allows us to have the best prices on your favorite furniture and flooring picks.


Your quote may include what is charged for installing the beautiful new hardwood or carpeting you’ve picked out. This is typically the labor costs for our installers to put down your flooring.


Depending on what type of flooring you pick and what your overall project looks like, you may invest in other products. For example, carpeting needs a padding underneath. This also includes any tools or installation materials your installers may need.

Also, it’s worthwhile to ask about the removal of existing flooring, the moving of furniture in the room, and any preparation your subfloor may need for the new flooring.

Our installation estimate is always free (within the Swainsboro and surrounding areas) and we welcome customers who have measurements to come into the store to work out a quote with one of our professionals.

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