Guest Room Essentials for a Comfortable Stay

Guest Room Essentials for a Comfortable Stay

Having a comfortable, inviting guest room ready with the essentials will make both of you less stressed and be able to focus on enjoying the visit and time spent together. We are comprised a list of must haves for any guest room to help you be the “hostess with the most-ess.”


A Comfortable Bed

The most important thing you can provide for a guest is a good, comfortable place to rest. You probably know firsthand how difficult it can be to fall asleep in strange surroundings, especially if they also happen to be uncomfortable. To let your guest rest easy, you need a sturdy bed and a comfy mattress. If your home does not have a separate guest room, it can be furnished a stylish daybed, a sleeper sofa, and even a futon. Whatever your preference, just make sure it is comfortable. Dress up the bed with fluffy pillows, a cozy comforter or quilt, and fresh bed sheets.


A Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is an absolute must in any guest room because your guest is bound to need some storage space. Even a chest with two or three drawers is good. Put yourself in your guest’s place. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to be able to store items and not have to pull them out of bags all the time? Also, drawers say you’re part of the family! The top of a chest or dresser may also come in handy for your house guest’s personal belongings, so don’t clutter it with pictures or whatnots.


Good Lighting

There should be some lighting by the bed for some restful reading. Provide a nightlight, and your guests can choose whether to have it turned on or not. Accidents can occur in unfamiliar surroundings when the lighting is subpar.


Luggage Rack

A luggage rack is a great item, and often overlooked, to have in a guest room. It is convenient for packing or unpacking. It also saves your bed covers from being snagged or dirtied by luggage placed on top. Luggage racks can also come in handy if you cannot provide enough drawer storage. It will allow your guests to get their belongings in and out of their bags easily. Luggage racks can be conveniently folded and put away out of sight when your guest room is not in use.


We all know how falling asleep in a strange or different environment can take some time and adjusting. Custom Furniture and Flooring can help you make your visitors feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay. Come on by to learn how today!

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