Hardwood for the New Year

It’s been a long and crazy year for many of us. The upcoming new year is an opportunity for new beginnings and lots of changes, and this is the time when many people are looking to move past the old and look forward to the future. We at Custom Flooring think that this is the perfect time for you to take the plunge and get those hardwood floors you’ve always wanted.

Hardwood floors will save you time in the new year. Never again will you have to lug out the vacuum cleaner for a session of back-breaking work; just sweep up the dust and your floor is as good as new. Got spills? With carpet, you had to use all of those harsh cleaners and let them sit on your floor for long stretches of time. Your new hardwood is just a wipe away from clean. Even the heavy-duty cleaning is significantly easier because all you have to do is sponge-mop every week or so to keep your floors looking brand new. Choose hardwood over carpet and you’ll save yourself the hassle that comes with keeping your flooring clean and looking great.

If you’re looking to improve and add value to your home in the new year, a new hardwood floor is an amazing way to do just that. This is particularly true if you’ve never updated your flooring. Homeowners who are looking to build or buy something new should especially consider this. Many home buyers today are looking for modern features, and carpet is often seen as outdated. If you’re even considering putting your house on the market any time soon, hardwood floors are a great investment that help to ensure your home will sell. You can probably even bump up your asking price a little– think of it as a return on your initial investment.

Now that Christmas is done, you’ve spent an entire holiday season running around to make sure that everyone else is happy. The kids have their toys, your spouse has their gift, and all of the family is taken care of. All of the looking after other people can be draining, because when we’re busy we sometimes forget to take care of the things we need. Why not start off the new year by doing something for yourself? It’s a useful investment, it will make your life easier, and you’re sure to enjoy your new hardwood floors for years to come.


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