How To Choose The Perfect Ashley Couch For Your Needs

Decorating your home can be so much fun, but deciding on what furniture to put in your home can be overwhelming. A lot of time is spent on your couch, so you need to make sure it’s perfect for your needs, both in comfort and aesthetic. There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect couch for your home.

  • Who will the couch be for?
  • How often will it be used?
  • Is the way it looks and feel an important factor?
  • Will animals be on the couch?

Ashley Furniture has a number of different styles to choose from.  Let’s take a look at common couch types, and how you can determine which one is best for you.

The Sectional


A sectional sofa is a large couch that can be arranged in many different ways. Sectionals are perfect for large families because they are big enough to ensure everyone a seat!  Great for large rooms, and maybe not so great in small ones, sectionals take up a good bit of room.  While they take up less than a room full of separate sofas and loveseat pieces, they can overwhelm a small room so keep that in mind while shopping. 

The Love Seat 


This style is very comfortable, and can be quaint while giving you some extra room. Love seats come in different fabrics and textures and earned the name love seat because they only have two seating cushions — cozy. This style is perfect for singles or even couples. These sofas aren’t ideal for large families due to the small amount of seating offered.  Pairing a love seat with a larger sofa is a very common grouping. 

The Reclining Sofa


This stylish and versatile sofa will compliment most any home. The reclining feature adds comfort and is perfect for those wanting to kick back and relax after a long day. This sofa would work well for any type of home, except ones decorated to match a highly specific period (Victorian, Antebellum, etc.) or highly formal homes.

The Leather Sofa


A leather sofa can be used to give your home an elegant look. Because leather is natural, it can adjust to the body shape and temperature of whoever sits on it. Probably more suited for a home without pets. Although pets are wonderful companions, they tend to have sharp claws that can dig into the leather and poke holes in it. 

The Sofa Sleeper


A comfortable sofa sleeper gives you the best of both worlds — sleep and lounge. It’s a sofa that turns into a bed, usually a full or queen sized bed. A sleeper sofa would be perfect for those who have guests occasionally but don’t have additional room in their home for them to sleep over in a separate room.

Are you overwhelmed with the choices?  Custom Flooring and Furniture has a large assortment of Ashley couches (and other top brands) to choose from. Contact us today and find the perfect one for you.


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