How To Create a More Spacious Living Room

Your living room might seem cluttered or just not as big as it actually is. That could have all to do with how your furniture is arranged or even the color of your walls. If you’re feeling cramped in your own living space, try a few of these tips to get your room back. You’ll be amazed at how spacious your living room will seem after just a few small tweaks to the decor.

Walls, Ceilings, Floor

White ceilings give a clean, classy vibe but a little paint or wallpaper on the ceiling draws the eye upward, a clever illusion that makes the entire room look bigger and brighter. For walls and flooring, opt for lighter colors to reflect light and create an airy feel that doesn’t distract. Try several different shades of one color for a more open look.

nice living room


Pull furniture out from against the wall. Even just a few inches will take away the cramped feeling of a room. Go for one large couch or sectional rather than several small pieces like chairs and love seats to get a less cluttered  look out of the room.


Add mirrors to any space to reflect more light around the room. Use glass or clear items for decoration as they take less of your focus when glancing around the room. Place a few large pieces of art or knick knacks throughout the room rather than many smaller pieces that seem to crowd the room.

Make a few small changes to see how spacious your living room actually is. Use your decor and furniture to your advantage, be creative, and enjoy the open, airy feeling of your space by only moving a few objects around and redecorating.

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