How to Create a Welcoming Summer Guest Room

The arrival of summer guests can be an exciting event, a chance to show off your hospitality. For some, creating a welcoming atmosphere is natural, but for others, it’s only added stress.

If you are part of the latter category, without a clue how to make your guest room inviting, it can be difficult. here are some essentials.

Here are some essentials.

For a guest room, you want your guest to be more comfortable than in their own home. A nice bed is a good start. Don’t just haul an old mattress out of the shed and slap it on the bed-frame. Invest in a quality mattress for your guest bedroom. Don’t purchase anything you wouldn’t sleep on yourself. Make the bed with soft clean sheets and new pillows. If your area is lit up after dark, or if you are planning some late nights, hang some dark curtains to preserve your guests’ sleep. If your guests are well-rested, the whole experience will be more enjoyable.

A cold hard floor is just uncomfortable, and ugly old carpeting won’t be quite as inviting. Rip out that 1970’s shag and invest in some newer carpet if you haven’t gotten around to that yet. If you have wood or tile floors, purchase a rug in colors that complement the decor scheme or add a pop of color.

When guests arrive, they need somewhere to place their things. If they are going to stay a long time or are trying to make themselves at home during their short stay, a dresser and closet are essential for their clothes. Little side tables provide a resting place for glasses cases or watches.

Of course, the guest bedroom should be clean, bright, and welcoming, and the guest bathroom too, if there is one. Guest’s personal cleanliness should also be considered. If you have space, install a dressing mirror, to aid guests in applying makeup and examining the appearance of their clothes. Set out a fresh bar of soap in the bathroom. You don’t necessarily need tiny bottles of shampoo or lotion like a hotel, but having them somewhere on hand could save your guests from a cleanliness emergency. An extra towel rack should hold extra rolled up towels and washcloths. It’s a plus if the bottom rack has room for extra toilet paper.

An unobtrusive clock will help guests arrive on time for dinner or other events. Place some attractive books on a shelf or table for bedtime reading. For a feeling of luxury set out a bowl of apples, or chocolates, mints, or other small snacks on a tray. If your guests have children, they will greatly appreciate the snack. The tray can also hold the WiFi password and a carafe of water.

Lastly, though of foremost importance, create a relaxing mood with scents. Light scented candles, or plug in a diffuser. French Vanilla and other baking related scents are extremely popular. For the bathroom, citrusy smells suggest fresh cleanliness. You can play around with different scents for different feels and create your own little oasis in the guest bedroom.

Have fun creating a beautiful guest room to make your summer visitors feel appreciated and pampered. Enjoy designing a room that’s cozy and classic in your own home.


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