How to Tell When Your Flooring Needs Replacing

Upgrading your flooring can breathe back life into a dull room. These rooms might have been neglected due to a busy routine or simply because they are used less when compared to other rooms. For example, guest rooms are not always in use. The flooring, however, needs to be upgraded to express your home décor, add durability and also keep your visitors comfortable. The time after which you should change your flooring materials depends on the damage they have faced over the years.


Wondering if your floors need to be replaced? Here’s what you need to look for in relation to various floor types:



Ceramic tiles last longer when compared to carpets. A broken or stained tile is an indication that you need to change your flooring. Stained tiles can be cleaned and sealed appropriately while broken tiles should be replaced. If your tiles seem to crack continuously, a membrane-like prodeso can be used. This membrane helps to distribute the floor load evenly thus minimizing the chances of cracking. Additionally, you can replace your tiles if you think the color, pattern, and size makes your home look outdated to achieve the desired taste.



For hardwood floors, proper refinishing can perfectly fix some little-faded colors and small scratches. However, replacement of your floor will eventually become inevitable after so many times of refinishing. For example, when your hardwood floor starts to decay with age, a replacement needs to be done. Floor damage by water is another indication. Although water damage may depend on the severity of the damage, replacement may be your only option if the planks begin to peel or crack.



These floors are made of multi-layer synthetics and they resemble wood floors. Laminate floors can start peeling especially if damaged by water or if they overheat. When this happens, you may be forced to replace your flooring because finding an easy fix can be very difficult. Other indications include cracking and gapping. Cracking may result if the flooring was inappropriately installed whereas gapping can be as a result of severe drops in temperature. Complete replacement of the entire floor has to be done if gapping arises on completed laminate floors.



Permanent stains from bleaches or other spills that have penetrated to the carpet padding can be very difficult to remove. Additionally, such spills can bring about awful smells that are challenging to get rid of. Not only that but wear and tear on carpets also tends to be hard to reverse – all these are indications that it’s time to replace your carpet.


Whether it’s your office, your home or even a commercial hotel room, you can spice it up by replacing your flooring. Stop by Custom Furniture and Flooring for luxury flooring, at warehouse prices.

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