Hunter Douglas' Timber Blinds Save Money With Energy EfficiencyTimber’ Timber Blinds Save Money With Energy Efficiency

Timber’ Timber Blinds Save Money With Energy Efficiency

Owning your own home is one of the best feelings in the world, but sometimes it can be a bit hectic with all of the money and time needed to maintain it. Saving some cash, when possible, is something we’d all like to do. Timber’ Timber Blinds allows you to save on energy costs with their energy-efficient shades. The Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades and Alustra Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades are energy-efficient shades with a modern look. Below we’ll talk about how these shades help you conserve energy in your home.

The Insulation Impact

In the winter, the heat in your home escapes through your windows – in the Summer, heat bakes in through them. Energy-efficient shades should be insulated, and Timber Blinds are just that. This insulation will allow you to reduce the need to crank up your heat during the winter, and help keep it cooler in the summer. 

Solar Heat Control

The sun provides natural heat, which we call solar heat — sun/solar, get it? During the winter, solar heat is great because the more solar heat you can divert your way, the less often you need to turn up the heat in your home. But in the summertime the solar heat can be too hefty and can make your home too hot, causing you to run the air conditioning — which costs you money. Timber Blinds’ energy-efficient shades control solar heat by blocking it from entering your home in the summer and allowing it to flow into your home during the winter.  Smart blinds!

Day Lighting

During the day, we can take advantage of the clean natural light that comes through our windows.  When you allow natural light from the sun to flow into your home instead of using the light inside of your home, you save in electricity costs — and you get to enjoy a cleaner light than we can ever hope to emulate. When you use natural light, Timber Blinds’ energy-efficient shades work with you by eliminating the need for indoor lighting which will cut down on energy usage costs for you.

Timber’ Timber Blinds is just one of the trusted brands you will find at Custom Flooring and Furniture.  We partner with these top brands because we want to make sure that the blinds, flooring, mattresses and furniture that we offer our customers are top quality.

A lot of people use us for price comparison, but we’ve found we’re usually their last stop.  You won’t find a better price.  For more information give our helpful and friendly staff a call at 478-237-6483 or contact us below for more information.


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