In Search of a Cozy Guest Room

A guest room is nice to have when guests come to visit. It keeps people from sleeping in your living area and keeps the couch clear for company. It may not be used as much as your other rooms but that doesn’t mean you want to neglect it for the rest of the house. Guests will enjoy their own space to relax rather than feel like they’re imposing upon your normal day-to-day activities. Here are a few things that can keep your guest room nice and cozy.



One of the most popular options for guest room flooring is carpet. And who doesn’t enjoy stepping on soft, clean carpet when they first wake up? It also helps absorb sound which can help guests have some privacy in your home and keep from waking you up if they decide to binge their favorite show at odd hours of the night. If your carpet is looking thin, worn, or stained it might be time to re-carpet the guest room.



Try not to overcrowd the room with furniture. Do your guests really need two armoires, a dining table, and a piano in their room? Probably not, but you want them to have what they need. Be smart about the pieces you choose for the room – do they complement each other? An end table, a bed, somewhere to store their clothes, and a lamp or two are all that’s necessary. But feel free to decorate and add what you think your guest will like best.

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