Keeping Your Mattress Warm in the Winter

It’s cold all over — except on those odd warm muggy days — this winter and that means people are desperately trying to keep warm. It’s especially hard to keep warm at night, since your body temperature drops while you sleep. You can, however, deck out your mattress in such a way that it gets nice and toasty as soon as you climb in bed.

The Sheets

Sheets are pretty important — in fact a staple of of beds everywhere. There are lots of nice sheets out there but when you’re looking for warmth you’ll want to check out these.
Fleece — soft, warm, and good at regulating your body’s temperature through the bed all night long.
Cotton — is the most commonly used year round, great for those with allergies, and are quite breathable.
Flannel — it’s warm as you get in and should stay warm throughout the night.

The Blankets

The trick to blankets in winter is definitely layering your blankets. One big blanket may feel suffocating but with a bunch of different blankets it’s easy to throw one or two off if they get to be a bit much. Here’s a few types of blankets you might want to check out.
Wool — it’s awesome because it keeps in the heat, is fire-resistant, and self-cleaning.
Cotton-Fleece — warm and soft but often shrinks in the wash.
Cashmere — lightweight but still quite warm.

The Mattress

In the end it all comes down to the mattress — without a mattress you don’t even have a bed really. So you definitely want to make sure you choose the one that’s best for you.
Englander mattresses are extraordinarily comfortable whether you choose a foam or innerspring mattress. To top off the support and comfort these mattresses give it’s also an eco-friendly company based in the United States. What’s not to love?
Hopefully these tips help keep you, and your mattress, warm all winter!
If you need to replace your mattress — or have no mattress at all — swing by our showroom in Swainsboro or give us call at (478) 237 – 6483. Remember, you can trust ‘em at Custom!

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