Keeping Your Pets Off of Your Furniture

You love your pets and you love your furniture, but one is ruining the other. If you have leather, pleather, or vinyl furniture pieces, it’s no doubt that the claws of your furry friends will shred them to bits. If you haven’t invited them to sit up there with you, don’t intend to let them stay on the furniture, or just want a way to keep them off of your couch, we’ve gathered a few tips for you. ‘

First, let’s look at the reasons your pooch might want to jump on the furniture in the first place.

Chances are, he sits on them for the same reason you do. Comfort. If the floor is tile or vinyl, it’s probably both hard and cold, two things you wouldn’t want in a bed or lounging area either.  If there is not a designated spot for your pets to hang out in, they won’t know the difference. Having a couple of plush dog beds lying around will give them a cozy space to nap in while you’re out of the house and keep them off of the furniture.

To keep them in their own beds, even while you’re home, block off their access to the furniture pieces that are off limits. Put boxes, laundry baskets, or other objects around the area that tells them to keep out. You can even entice them with a surprise treat while they’re laying there in their own bed to make it more of a great place to sit for them.

Another reason your pet might want to hop up on the sofa is because you occasionally (or always) have food up there. They may be looking for lost crumbs or just trying to get a bite of your sandwich. Take away the temptation by taking your meal to the table and keeping snacks off of the furniture too.

If you don’t want your living room shredded to pieces, look into keeping your animal comfortable on the floor rather than on your furniture. Preserve your lovely couches, love seats, and armchairs by telling your pets to stay off.


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