Kid Friendly Carpet Options for Your Home

Strictly from the standpoint of durability, the best type of flooring for a house with small children would be hard and non-fibrous, such as laminate, engineered wood, luxury vinyl, or ceramic tile. That works from the standpoint of practicality, but comfort is seriously lacking. So, for kid-friendly carpet, it is a delicate balancing act of durability vs. comfort.


Young children will subject your floors to all types of abuse like spilled food and drinks, dirt, and old fashion rough housing. When choosing the best carpet for children, stain resistance, durability, and softness are the key characteristics a carpet should have.


Types of Fibers to Choose 

Fiber type certainly makes a big difference in the performance of the carpet. There are three popular types of fibers to choose from PET (polyester), nylon, and triexta. All are 100% inorganic fibers. Wool is a popular carpeting fiber, but it is not the best option for houses with children.


■ PET: Budget-friendly, eco-friendly PET carpet is remarkable for its sustainability and inherent stain resistance.

■ Nylon: Nylon sets the standard for softness, beauty, and long-lasting durability.

■ Triexta: Triexta is unique in that it combines both exceptional durability with permanent built-in stain and soil protection- no other fiber can make this claim.



If you’ve ever had your furniture or carpet cleaned, you’ve probably had the option of Scotchgard added as a layer of protection. While you may decline the Scotchgard option to save a small amount of money up front, you may want to reconsider it for carpeting.


Factory-applied Scotchgard is not the same as the DIY store bought Scotchgard sprayed on your couch. Scotchgard that is applied in the manufacturing facility surrounds each individual fiber to protect the entire carpet, from fiber tips clear through to the carpet backing, for total stain and soil protection. This stain and soil resistance will never wash off, walk off, or wear off. This soft, durable, and sustainable fiber is an ideal choice for homes with children.


Custom Furniture and Flooring offers a wide selection of carpet types and styles that will satisfy the interior decorator in you but also the parent in you. Stop by to see how we can help keep your home’s carpet looking like a magazine cover without the constant upkeep!

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