Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Flooring

Is your flooring on its last leg? It can be a little intimidating deciding if you need to rip up your old flooring and install a new and improved version or just stick with what you have. Whether it’s necessary or just time for something else, we’ve got the best ways to determine the prime time to pull up that decrepit wood, carpet, or vinyl and replace your flooring.

Hardwoodwood floor

Wood flooring can last a long time but after a while, everyday wear catches up to it. Spills have seeped down in between the seams over the years and the boards are getting loose. Your floor is feeling a little less than sturdy and that’s how you know it’s time to replace your hardwood rather than refinish it.


Carpeting traps dirt and stains easier than other flooring types so it’s likely to look worn out faster. Have a stain remover on hand to keep stains at bay but if stains are large, obvious, odorous, and keep reappearing or occurring, then it’s probably time to take a look at something different. If the padding underneath the carpeting has lost its cushion and is flattening out, your carpet may be ready for a re-do.


Most peel-and-stick vinyl lasts a good while. But heavy traffic areas show wear and tear better than others and kitchens and bathrooms (where vinyl is mostly present) definitely fall into heavy traffic areas. When you see the seams of your vinyl flooring popping up, you’ll know it’s time for a replacement, but that’s not the only indication. Creaking, bulging, or cracking can tell you that your vinyl needs to take a hike.

Although these are only three examples of flooring types that you might need to replace, we’ve gathered the most common to show you the signs that replacement is in your future.

When you need to replace your flooring, don’t hesitate to call on us to find you the perfect flooring type for your needs.


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