Laminate For Your Walls

You know all about laminate when it comes to your flooring but what about on your walls? That’s right, you can put laminate floor panels on your walls as decor. By simply switching up how you use this flooring type, you can turn your walls into a chic, trendy accent to the rest of your home. Here’s a little more about how this new design element could make your walls stand out from the rest.


There are several designs to choose from when it comes to laminate for your walls. Depending on your home’s aesthetic, you can pick a rustic barn wood feel, weathered concrete look, reclaimed metal design, and other natural elements. It’s easy to tailor your walls to your tastes. With various laminate colors, designs, and styles, you’ll certainly find one to match your decor.


Many don’t think about the durability that walls need. There are a myriad of ways your walls can be compromised. Little hands touching, sauces splattering, and bookbags bumping the walls can really do a number on the paint or wallpaper. However, laminate is made to withstand the pattering of feet, the collection of dust, and any spillage that might occur on flooring, making it an even more durable choice for your walls.


With so many opportunities for laminate in your home, you can fit it anywhere. Designate your entryway with a laminate-backed foyer bench, highlight one of your kitchen walls, or choose a spot in your living room to trim. The possibilities are only halted by your imagination.

Elevate your laminate. Call us today to get started on your wall laminate and transform your home.

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