Linoleum Flooring Vs. Vinyl Flooring

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Are you on the hunt for new flooring to install in your home? In case you didn’t know, there are a wide variety of flooring styles to chose from. Some have many differences while others have slight similarities. A common question most consumers ask when it comes to flooring is “What is the difference between linoleum flooring and vinyl flooring?” These two types of flooring sometimes tend to look alike but they are pretty different. Let’s compare.


Linoleum flooring is made from natural biodegradable materials such as wood, cork and tree resins.

Vinyl flooring is made from a variety of chemicals, dyes and, of course, vinyl.


Installing linoleum can be a pretty easy task. Basically, all you need to do is a bit of measuring, apply adhesive, and lay the flooring down. After that, you will need to apply a water sealant coating to protect the flooring from water damage.

Installing vinyl flooring is an easy process as well but there are slight differences from installing linoleum flooring. You’ll need to do some measurements here, lay down the vinyl flooring and apply adhesive. But, you won’t need to apply a water sealant coating to vinyl flooring because it’s already waterproof.


Linoleum flooring requires a bit more maintenance than vinyl but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Linoleum flooring requires sweeping/vacuuming regularly. You can use water and a mild soap to clean up the areas your broom/vacuum won’t reach but you will need to make sure that you wipe up all of the water and leave none behind. Another tip is to apply acrylic coating to the floor at least every year. Some linoleum floors require waxing.

Vinyl flooring is a low maintenance type of flooring. You can sweep, vacuum, and mop vinyl flooring without any issues. 


Linoleum flooring can last 20-40 years depending on how you care for it. It is said to be more durable than vinyl.

Vinyl flooring can last anywhere from 10-20 years.


Linoleum flooring costs about $2.00-$5.00 per square foot, a little more expensive than vinyl.

Vinyl flooring costs about $0.50-$2.00 per square foot.

As you can see, these types of flooring have many similarities and differences. In the end it comes down to what will work best for you. Custom Furniture and Flooring has been in business since 1962 and is very knowledgeable in all things flooring. Contact us today for a free quote and get the right flooring for you.


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