Why Making Up Your Bed is Important

For some of us, making up a bed every morning is a no brainer. It may be through force of habit that you’ve been doing ever since you were a kid, not even thinking about it anymore. But if you’re not practicing this clean routine, you might want to think about it. Whether it’s by force of habit or not, there are some good practical and aesthetic reasons for making up your bed and changing the sheets that you may not have even considered. Once a week, strip down the bed, change the sheets and forget about it until next time.

It Looks Good

Regardless of anything else, a made bed looks good. A tidy bed gives your bedroom a finished appearance all its own. And generally, if the bed looks clean and unkempt, it is more motivation to keep your room looking just the same.

It Feels Good

What feels better than pulling back the covers when you are ready to sleep and crawling into a freshly made bed with clean sheets? Not many sensations feel that luxurious, and when a bed feels lovely to sleep in, chances are you’ll sleep better because of it.

Keeping Dirt Away

A made up bed keeps dirt off of your sheet. This is particularly true for pet owners who don’t mind their favorite pal to be laying in or playing on their bed. All of the pet hair will stay on top of the made up covers, while you’ll still have a clean and untouched sheet to sleep on beneath.

Body Oil and Dirt

Why does a clean sheet feel so good? Because it’s free of body oils and dirt. Each night when you go to sleep, your natural body oils and accumulated dirt rub off onto your sheet. Granted, it takes a while to notice it, but your sheet will eventually discolor or stain just from your natural oily secretions. Changing your sheet regularly will keep your sheets clean and fresh, and they will be easier to wash and remove body oils from.

Peace of Mind

The best reason to keep your bedding made up with clean sheets is peace of mind. Knowing that a nicely made up bed awaits you at the end of your day, gives you a wonderful little space to drift off and into the restful dreams of slumber. You’ll also won’t worry about having to spend that extra time getting your bed ready at night after a long day. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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