Mud Room Must-Haves

A mud room is an small room at the entrance or exit of a home where guests can remove coats, shoes, and other articles of clothing before coming inside. The mud room is a wonderful way to keep dirt, water, and more from being tracked into your home, but without proper organization it can easily become a chaotic jumble of clothes and shoes. These must-have ideas will help you to keep your mud room neat and organized.

Coat Hooks

The best way to keep coats off the floor is to provide your family and guests with a quick and easy place to hang them. Placing coat hooks on one wall of your mud room will allow wet raincoats to dry out, winter gear to warm up, and dirty jackets to be contained in an easy to find location. Be sure to include enough for your whole family so that coats aren’t hung on top of one another. If you have children (or frequent visitors who are children), you may also consider placing some hooks within their reach as well so that they can be responsible for their own coats. Hooks can also be used for hats, umbrellas, or any other small items that you don’t want to leave on the floor.

Laundry Hamper

In many homes, the mud room also serves as the laundry room; why not get a jump on your laundry by placing a hamper (or several!) directly in the room? This way, your family can shed dirty clothes before they have a chance to reach the rest of your home. To make your laundry even easier, place hampers for each type of wash (colors, whites, delicates) and let your family sort as they go. Another popular option for larger families is to have one hamper for each child, so that kids are taught the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves.

Shoe Rack + Bench

Your shoes are arguably the dirtiest thing you will wear all day, so if you have a mud room, chances are high that they’ll be removed there. Purchase a rack where you can leave your shoes, and a small bench to sit on while taking them off and putting them on. It is a good idea to make sure that this area is well-drained or dried frequently to avoid slips and falls, though.

Storage Bins

Mud room storage bins can be used for a wide variety of items. Kids’ outdoor toys can be kept here when they aren’t being used. Have a pool? Store extra towels, sunscreen, and other essentials within easy reach. For grownups, small lawn care necessities such as shears and work gloves can find their home here too. Of course, if your mud room doubles as your laundry room, necessities such as detergent and fabric softener may also be kept here.
Mud rooms are a trendy and useful addition to any home. Consider one or all of these functional ideas when designing your own mud room for your family!


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