3 Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your Floor

3 Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your Floor

Thinking about improving your home with some new flooring? Do it right by bringing in the pros to install it for you. Sometimes homeowners are encouraged to skip the installation and lay their floor themselves, but many times this leads to problems, and at that point, there’s  little that can be done to fix it without costly repairs. We here at Custom Flooring know that if you have your floor installed by the pros, you’ll be stress-free and 100% satisfied. Still not sure? Read on for a few reasons why professional installation is best.


It’s Cost Effective

If you receive a custom quote for your flooring job, you can often see the price for labor and installation along with the cost of the materials. On paper, it might look like you’re saving money by installing your floor yourself, but consider this– if you run into problems, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to scrap at least some of your flooring, and you’ll then need to buy more to replace it. This can quickly add up, and before you know it, you could easily spend as much on replacement parts as you would have on installation fees. Professional installation also often comes with a warranty, so if your installer somehow makes a mistake, he’ll be obligated to fix it for you. In contrast, any errors that the DIY homeowner makes are his own financial responsibility.


It’s Stress-Free

Even if you have some knowledge of how to install flooring, unless you yourself are a professional, you’re going to come up on some parts of the process where you don’t know what to do. This is even more so if you’ve never done it before. It puts a lot of pressure on you as the homeowner, because not only are you doing something for the first time, but the stakes are high– money and the quality of your home are on the line. Why put yourself through the headache when you can let someone who knows the process do it for you? You won’t be liable for any mistakes, and you can be confident knowing that you won’t have to worry about any problems that arise.


It’s High Quality

You know what they say: practice makes perfect. Most homeowners have never installed flooring before, so the first shot they take at it is bound to be a little rough. Professionals, on the other hand, don’t have this problem. Their job is second nature to them, and they’ve done it so many times that you know they have the process down perfectly. When you hire an installer, you’re purchasing a quality guarantee from the installer themselves and often from the company they work for. You won’t have bowing wood panels or uneven carpet when they’re done– your floor will be perfect, just the way you need it.

Professionals know what they’re doing. This is just another day in the office while for you, this project needs plenty of research and hard work. Let us handle the heavy lifting and you take on the task of “overseeing.”

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