New Year, New Furniture: the Hot New Trends for 2017


New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be about cutting out calories or jogging more often. Your resolution for 2017 can actually be really fun if you decide to update your home’s interior design with the latest trends and styles. Don’t let your house look old fashioned; modernize your look with one, some, or all of these.

Hot Color Combinations

Brown and blue has been a favorite for several years and design professionals predict this combo will be a favorite again in 2017. If you want to follow this trend, try tan, caramel or camel flooring and get a few throw pillows or paintings in a soft or dark blue. Black and white is also a rising color combination, coming over from its popularity in Europe last year.

Mixed Metals

Another big thing predicted for this year is mixed metals. Designers and furniture experts are seeing brass, gold, polished nickel, and silver all being used together. Another one of the new trends for 2017, there’s a new metal finish becoming popular- white plaster. There is a lot of light fixtures in white this year. It’s a very southern-looking finish, perfect for beds and chairs in Southern Georgia homes.

Spill-Proof Fabrics

Yes, something is in style that is actually practical! Stain-resistant fabric is being seen this year in almost every major collection. People want their homes to be elegant and stunning, but they also want them to be livable. Across the board, designers are making furniture pieces like sofas more functional.

Art-Inspired Wallpaper

A really fun style this year for brave designers is wallpaper that looks more like a mural and less like what we think of as traditional wall coverings. It is available in different textures, so you can print it on seagrass or even rice paper. You can also choose different color combination, so it’s a perfect way to combine two stylistic trends if you opt for brown and blue or black and white. If you decide on an abstract design, you can even flip it upside-down or change directions every few feet.

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