Organization Tips for Your Kids


We all have hectic lives, and those of us who have kids have a whole new level of busyness. With everything that you have going on, anything you can do to help the day go more smoothly is worth checking out, right? While we can’t always ensure that things will move along scot-free, you can save time in your busy day with these three organization tips.

Hang It Up (and Keep It Together)

Designate an area in your entryway as your bookbag drop-off. When your kids come home from school, have them hang up their backpacks first thing. It’s a good idea to do the same thing for umbrellas and raincoats, shoes, winter jackets, and other necessities. Hanging them up gets them off the floor, freeing up your floor space and making things look organized and intentional instead of cluttered and haphazard. And, by keeping everything in one place, you have the added bonus of never needing to search for an essential item when you’re running late for school.

Use Color-Coded Bins

This is a great trick for younger kids. Pick out a large plastic bin in each child’s favorite color. This bin will be their place to store all of their toys and other belongings when they aren’t using them. Your child may choose to decorate their bin with stickers, paint, or anything else– personalizing it can make them feel more invested. When playtime is done, your child will keep their toys in their own personal bin, so that they can easily find them again next time. Dividing up the cleaning between children teaches them to be responsible and pick up after themselves– and let’s be honest, it can also save you some time.

Maximize Space

We love the idea of storing old books, out-of-season clothes, and other things in spaces that would otherwise go to waste. Keep storage bins under beds. (Or, check out the LuLu Loft Twin Bed from Ashley Furniture, which turns your child’s bed into a bookcase!) Hang jewelry and small toys in shoe organizers over the back of the closet door. Hang up extra shelves in your child’s closet. The idea is to make use of space that would otherwise be empty. By doing this, you’ll free up a lot of your room space, allowing you more room for furniture, a play area, and more.

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