How To Pick The Perfect La-Z-Boy Recliner

After a long day, what could be better than relaxing in a La-Z-Boy recliner?  It’s the perfect way to kick off your shoes, prop up your feet and unwind in total comfort, but only when the recliner is a good fit.  But how can you tell when you’re faced with so many different fabrics, styles and options?

Let’s take a look at the styles, and what each one offers, to help you find the right recliner for your body and your budget.

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The Right Style Recliner Is Important

  • Rocker Recliner – La-Z-Boy rocker recliners rock when upright and recline in several different positions with a convenient hand lever. You can put the footrest up without lowering the back to a full reclining position. This popular rocker La-Z-Boy recliner offers a lot of versatility for an affordable price.
  • Push-Back – Push-back recliners don’t have a built-in footrest. The only part of the chair that moves is the back. It takes up less floor space than a rocker recliner, and you can always add an ottoman if you need one. Push-back recliners are affordable easy to operate, but they might not stand up to extremely heavy use, and are a little less durable than the lever-operated models.
  • Wall-Saver – Wall-saver recliners are great for small rooms and tight corners. They only require six inches of space between the chair and the wall, where traditional recliners require one foot or more. Wall-saver recliners offer space-saving convenience for about the same price as more traditional models.
  • Specialty Recliners – La-Z-Boy offers a variety of specialty recliners like the electric power lift model and the comforting heat and massage model. A specialty La-Z-Boy recliner is great for people with mobility or health issues, but they are, as you would expect, a bit more expensive than other models.

Comfort And Fit

Comfort is key, so spend time in the recliner before you buy it. Make sure the width, depth and back height is a good fit for your body. The recliner should be comfortable in an upright position with good seat and back support. Make sure it supports your head and neck properly in an upright and reclining position. Test the footrest several times to make sure it’s easy to maneuver, and make sure it goes up and down in proper alignment.

Check the La-Z-Boy recliner frame, especially underneath the chair, and look for heavy-duty screws rather than plastic fasteners. Hardwood frames in oak, poplar or birch will hold up longer than plywood or pressboard frames, but they will also be more expensive. Finally, check the La-Z-Boy warranty and talk to one of our knowledgeable salespersons if you have any questions.

At Custom Furniture and Flooring, we want to make sure your next recliner purchase is easy.  We’ve been helping our customers find the right flooring and furniture since 1962, so if you need some help, come by our showroom, call us at 478-237-6483 or contact us to get our expert advice.


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