Preventing Floor Scratches

We know that life gets in the way of having a flawless home. It’s practically impossible for your flooring to not start to show wear and tear after a while. But we have some ways to keep your floors looking brand new with little hassle and no floor scratches.

dark wood floor

The best way to protect your flooring is to begin with a scratch resistant floor. Laminate, Cork and Vinyl flooring are all good choices for high traffic areas that need a little extra protection, but there are also scratch resistant hardwood floors if wood is the only choice you have in mind.

Removing Scratches

Once scratched, you can still return flooring to its original appearance. Scrub the affected with a clean, soft cloth to remove all dirt and debris. Allow the area to dry thoroughly, then apply a spot coat of the sealant used on your floor (shellac, polyurethane, etc). For best results, reseal the entire floor, as spot-finishing may not match previously finished areas. Repair kits are available for most types of flooring.

Preventing Floor Scratches

A few simple rules will reduce the opportunities for scratching your flooring. Taken separately, each one offers a small degree of protection, but combining these tips will eliminate a majority of your potential problems.

  • Rugs and Runners – Using decorative rugs and protective runners will serve to direct traffic along more heavily traveled paths, and absorb a lot of the potential foot damage. It’s an added bonus that they add a stylish, warm atmosphere to the room.
  • No Shoes – Shoes cause more damage to flooring
    than stockinged feet, and leaving yours at the door not only reduces damage and scuffs, it also confines most of the outdoor contaminants, like sand that gets ground into the flooring, to one location.
  • Furniture Tabs – Putting small pieces of felt or cloth on the bottoms of furniture feet will prevent the furniture from scratching the floor. Felt will hold the furniture in place more effectively and reduce the potential for scuffing.
  • Pedicures for Pets – Trimming the claws of pets will reduce thedog and cat friends
    amount of damage they may cause.This is true for both dogs, because their claws are always extended, and cats, who will scratch at surfaces to sharpen their primary hunting tools, even if the only hunting tool they actually use is your opposable thumbs.
    Similarly, housebreaking indoor pets is essential in preventing urine stains and the damages it will cause, like swelling wood and ruined floors.
  • Secondary Floor Sealants
    Treating your flooring with a polyurethane sealant will help protect it against damages like the ones above. As an advantage, damages that do occur can often be removed from the secondary sealant, leaving the original surface in like-new condition.

Keeping your floors looking sleek and stylish is a big job. Know the most common ways to avoid scuffs and scratches at the get go.

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