Preventing Scratches from Furniture

Homeowners with wooden floors know the pain: you’ve just finished installing your beautiful new floors, and your installers (or your family) are working on the backbreaking task of moving all your furniture back into place, when all of a sudden, you notice a scuff or a scratch where your table was just sitting. This is a frustrating moment, but fortunately it can be easily prevented with a little foresight and planning.


Consider Laminate

Genuine wood floors are undeniably beautiful, but they are often more fragile and prone to damage than their laminate counterparts. This is especially true if you are using certain types of trees, such as bamboo, which are naturally soft. If you want the hardwood look without the hassle or worry, a laminate floor is an excellent way to go. Besides being more durable and less prone to scratches, it’s also often cheaper. Some homeowners leave recliners, dining room chairs, and other pieces that move frequently on their laminate floors without any further protection and never experience any damage.


Stabilize Unmoving Pieces

Tables, entertainment centers, beds, and other large objects do not have to be moved frequently. For these pieces, you can purchase felt pads that stick to the legs of the furniture and soften any rough edges. These keep the piece from moving if it’s accidentally bumped, and because of this, the risk of damage is greatly reduced. If you need to place furniture on your floors but don’t have time to purchase pads first, household items like index cards can help keep scratches away, but they will not stabilize like felt will, so be sure to replace them promptly.


Protect Moving Parts

If you need to move a large item across a wooden floor, use carpet gliders, available at your local hardware store, to make the process much easier and save your floors in the process. Thick, soft towels can be used if gliders are unavailable. You can also purchase wheels or special moveable leg add-ons for chairs and desks, but be cautious when using them as you can easily slip out of a moving chair if you aren’t careful. Some homeowners like to lay rugs underneath desks or dining room tables so that the chairs are not constantly scraping across their floors.


Repair Existing Scratches

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you end up with a gash on your floors nonetheless. If you find yourself with damage that is only slight, you can often use scratch-repairing sprays to lessen the appearance of the scratch. If the scratch is deep, more extensive repairs may be required; however, if it fits with your decor, you always have the option of covering the damaged area with furniture or a rug so that it will not be visible.

If you’re looking at getting hardwood flooring or laminate that looks like wood, call us today and we can get something installed for you in no time.

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