Protecting Your Flooring and Furniture From Sunlight

Light has, perhaps, the greatest effect on a room’s appearance and feel. An abundance of daylight streaming through tall windows can make a room feel warm and alive. However, that very light that lifts your spirit can damage your flooring and furniture.

Just as too much sunlight burns your skin, it fades furniture and flooring. The gorgeous hardwood you just had installed will pale and lose its sheen. The dark leather couches will fade and even crack from the sun’s heat. Your good friend sunlight has now become an enemy. To prolong the life of your furniture and floor, you need to reduce the sunlight, especially at the hottest part of the day and when you aren’t around.

There are several ways to block out the sunlight from harming your home while still getting that aesthetically pleasing lighting you crave.


The great thing about curtains is that you can match them to any of your home’s decor. Whether you choose a couple of sheer panels or a great blackout curtain, you can gear it towards your room’s design.

Like we mentioned, there are a few different curtain types to look for. Sheer panels allow plenty of light to come through while still blocking the view from outside but could cause too much light to come in during certain times of the day. A blackout curtain is great for those who work nights, those who like to keep out the sun, or those with sensitive furniture or flooring needs. The in-between option, a curtain not quite sheer but not as thick as blackout material and can keep out just the right amount of sunlight from your room.


There are a couple of different options when it comes to picking out blinds for your home. Vertical blinds, cordless blinds, wood, vinyl, mini blinds, shutters, the possibilities are endless.

With blinds, you can easily let the sun in whenever you feel the urge to brighten your home. One inventive solution to keeping your home both adequately lit and protected from harsh rays is motorized blinds. These Smart Blinds can be programmed to close during certain times of the day, while you’re gone, or at the flip of a switch. The ease of keeping your home’s furnishings safe and the sun out will have you wondering why you’re just now installing blinds like these.

Keeping your flooring and furniture safe from sun damage is just like protecting your skin from burn. With a little preparation and thought, you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of your home for years to come.

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