Recliner Upkeep: 4 Steps to Remember

You may think your old recliner has charm, but guests and other family members think it is looking (and smelly!) pretty bad. Now that you stop to think about it…. It is pretty old. You don’t need to keep living this way; you can clean it. Yes, this is true even if your beloved recliner is upholstered and not leather. Take a look at a few simple cleaning instructions for your recliner’s upkeep:

Step #1 Vacuum the recliner thoroughly with a soft brush attachment or hand vacuum. You may be surprised at just how much dirt and food crumbs come up!

Step #2 Fill a bucket with warm water and add 1 to 2 tbsp. of mild laundry detergent or liquid soap. Dip a cloth into the bucket, and wring it out. Wipe the upholstery thoroughly with the cloth, and scrub any tough spots or stains with a soft-bristled brush.

Step #3 Rinse the cloth with water and wipe over the upholstery again in order to remove any soap residue left behind.

Step #4 Press a light-colored towel to the recliner to absorb any excess water. Allow the recliner to air-dry completely before sitting in it. That’s it – you’re all done!

Once it’s clean, be sure to keep up with regular upkeep. Avoid eating food or at least spilling food in your recliner. Clean up any messes as soon as they occur and try to keep pets’ clawed feet from harming the fabric. Do a deep clean every once in a while but try to clean periodically as well.

Check the care manual or tag before beginning to determine the safest cleaning method for your recliner. It’s quite possible that you don’t want to spend your afternoon doing this, or your chair is now too far gone. Wouldn’t be a shame to be forced to get rid of your favorite chair? Then you’d be stuck with something you don’t even like, right? Actually, if you live in the Swainsboro, GA area, you don’t need to worry about this. We’ll help you get into the perfect recliner, if cleaning your current one doesn’t work out. You can get a new recliner, as well as many other pieces of furniture, from Custom Furniture and Flooring! Call (478) 237-6483 or come into our store and we’ll set you up with whatever you need. You’ll love your new recliner, and your family will be grateful as well!

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