Replacing Your Mattress

Do you wake up feeling worse than before you went to bed? You could probably blame your mattress for that. When was the last time you replaced your mattress? Five years ago? Ten Years ago? Sometime during the Clinton presidency? Most people don’t replace their mattress often enough. The mattress sits beneath the often-washed sheets and is forgotten. The studies recommend replacing your mattress every eight years. That sounds a bit excessive, doesn’t it? Not really, when you consider what an old mattress really is like. Too many people are unaware of the health problems associated with a bad, worn-out mattress and if you’re one of those wondering to yourself, “Should I replace my mattress?” it might be time.


Say bad mattress, and people immediately think back and neck pain. Everyone has at some time or another slept on a horrible mattress and woke up feeling like they got run over by a truck. A sagging or lumpy mattress can put pressure on different points of your body, causing poor sleep and pain. A good mattress should be firm enough to support all points of your body. Poor sleep causes reduced brain function, muscle and joint pain, and weight gain. Is it time to replace your mattress?

Nasty Smells

Beyond aches and pains, there are many other icky things going on in your old mattress. Your skin produces oil and sweat which over time can pool on the mattress surface. Those oils cause old mattresses to develop an odor.

Dust Mites

Your skin is constantly shedding. Dead cells flake off, and new ones grow. During your sleep, those dead skin cells collect on your mattress. Dust mites, tiny little microscopic guys in the spider family, eat your skin cells and their droppings cause allergies for many people. Just a few dust mites wouldn’t be a problem, but there are tens of thousands of dust mites living in your bed by the time your eight years of mattress life is up. Gross! The allergies from those dust mites cause night-time congestion, which in turn causes poor sleep.


Now that you’ve seen all the disgusting aspects of an old, slept-in mattress, why don’t you stop by Custom Flooring and Furniture to pick up a new one? Your sleep deserves it.

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