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Sofa in a Wooden RoomWhy You Should Never Buy a Couch on Facebook Market

Let’s face it: furniture is expensive. It can be tempting from time to time to gamble with online auction web pages in search of a bargain. But far from something valuable found at a reduced price, you’re more likely to find a rip-off. Sites like Facebook Market are a hotspot for shoddy goods and illicit

Different Carpet StylesThe Perfect Playroom Carpet

The perfect playroom carpet needs to be something colorful, something vibrant, and most of all, it needs to be something stain-resistant. A playroom is going to see plenty of use, which means it’s going to see plenty of gunk. Children are mess magnets – it’s just a part of being a kid. That doesn’t mean

swainsboro furniture placeThe Best Time of Year to Buy Furniture

In today’s market of fluctuating prices, it pays to know when pricy products are going to be on sale. A big sale could mean the difference between being able to afford your dream couch or having to settle for less. There is a pattern to big-ticket sales – and not just the annual Black Friday

Guest RoomRefreshing Your Guest Room

Having a guest room in your home is great if you’re someone who loves to have guests over. Even though a guest room gets used less than other rooms in your home, you’ll still want it to look its best. Visitors should feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable. If your guest room is lacking those qualities

Measuring TapeFlooring: Would Carpet or Hardwood Work Better for You?

Hardwood Hardwood has an unsurpassed natural beauty. For centuries, hardwood floors have set the gold standard for fashionable flooring, a record that holds true for many to this day. There are different kinds of wood to choose from, different designs within the grains of wood, and hardwood flooring lasts for a long time if cared

Could it Be Time For a New Carpet?Could it Be Time For a New Carpet?

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and that if you own a carpet, it will eventually fall victim to at least one stain over the course of its lifetime. Carpets are a great way to stylize a room how you see fit. There are many different kinds of carpets, from classic wool flooring

Sleep Happy These Holidays With A New MattressSleep Happy These Holidays With A New Mattress

Give Freely, Sleep Happily Give your loved ones the best gift this Christmas – a good night’s sleep. A mattress is something that everyone can use – and more importantly, they’ll love it! Who doesn’t like sleeping on a more comfortable bed? Be the best gift-giver this Christmas by gifting someone with one of the

wood dining room table near meThe Best Presentation For Your Celebration

Thanksgiving looms ever closer, and with it, the frantic grocery shopping, the family phone calls, and the renovations necessary for the improvement of your home interior. It’s been too long since you’ve seen some of them, and you want to make a good impression. Sure, the food’s going to be great, but isn’t presentation half

living room shadesCustom Blinds for Your Den or Office

One of the most overlooked elements in any home is window treatment. From the bedroom to the den to the home office, too many people don’t realize just how important window treatment is. Without proper window management, any would-be attractive space can become an eyesore instead.   Blinds are a great window treatment option for

Getting stains out of carpetRules for Cleaning Carpet Stains

Consistently cleaning your carpet is a part of carpet maintenance and will do a lot to extend its lifespan. However, as diligent a cleaner as you may be, you may find yourself with stubborn carpet stains that just won’t come out. What happens when even the professional carpet cleaners can’t remove those stains?   You