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reclining chair furnitureReclining Furniture For Your Living Room

There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day of work than coming home to prop your feet up in front of the TV. And it’s even more relaxing when your furniture does the relaxing for you. There are plenty of reasons to get a reclining sofa, chair, or sectional for your home. Let’s look at the […]

laminate flooring cleaning kitchenCleaning Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great choice for your home and once you’ve got it installed, you’ll want to take some time learning how to maintain it. Not all floors are cleaned the same and if you’re not used to laminate flooring, you might end up doing more damage than good. Here are a few tips […]

clean up home4 Places Not To Miss The Next Time You Clean Up

You’ve probably got your cleaning routine down. Mopping, vacuuming, or sweeping every week or so; dishes; laundry; even dusting and organizing. But it’s likely that your cleaning schedule doesn’t cover everything. Here are a few places that many people forget when they clean up. Couch Cushions While you may occasionally spot clean or vacuum your […]

wood flooring professional installationPreparing for Your Professional Floor Installation

You’ve made a smart decision by opting to have the professionals install your floor for you. This will take away a lot of the stress and headache that you’d have to deal with otherwise. However, any home improvement project can be stressful, even if you’re not the one doing the work. Here are a few […]

englander mattress pillows bedWhat to Look for in a Mattress

Are you getting a good night’s sleep? If not, it may have more to do with your mattress than whether you had too much caffeine that day or need to wake up early for work in the morning. Sleeping on an old mattress means your body isn’t getting the rejuvenation that it needs to prepare […]

replace flooring install from carpetWhat Goes into Replacing Your Carpet with New Flooring

Carpet is a beautiful addition to any room you want to make cozier, especially bedrooms and family rooms. This type of flooring can help reduce noise as well. However, heavy foot traffic, dirt, spills and more can diminish the quality of your carpet, especially if it’s a lighter color. If you have carpet in your […]

flooring new maintenance4 Tips for Keeping Your Flooring Looking New

The best thing about a new floor is exactly that- it is new! When you put down flooring, you want it to stay looking new for as long as possible. It may seem like that’s nothing more than a dream, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s actually quite simple to keep your flooring looking […]

flooring install quoteWhat Goes Into Your Flooring Quote?

When you’re looking for new flooring, you might be overwhelmed by a lot of things; price, color options, style designs, and much more. You’ll have plenty of decisions to make when the time comes but for now, you should only be thinking about what you want. When you inquire about some of our flooring options, […]

living room setYour Complete Living Room Set

Whether your living room is your favorite room in the house or just a spot to entertain guests, you’ll want the space to be as inviting and comfortable as possible. Your living room needs a few must-haves and here’s our list of what should complete your family room’s set. Sofa/Recliner Of course, you need somewhere to […]

Flooring For Your Nursery

Your nursery is where your little one will spend the first few years of your life, and where you’re likely to spend many hours too. You want this room to feel as comfortable as possible and a place that you’ll feel safe leaving your little one in. With crawlers, walkers, and yes, fallers, the flooring […]