Rules for Cleaning Carpet Stains

Consistently cleaning your carpet is a part of carpet maintenance and will do a lot to extend its lifespan. However, as diligent a cleaner as you may be, you may find yourself with stubborn carpet stains that just won’t come out. What happens when even the professional carpet cleaners can’t remove those stains?


You may be forced to cover up these unsightly stains with rugs and furniture. Not exactly part of your original décor, is it? When dealing with carpet stains, here’s a look at 3 things that you can actually do instead of resigning yourself to having a stained carpet.


Act Fast

Time is of the essence when cleaning stains. Most stains become increasingly difficult to remove once they are allowed to sit. The spilled substance will seep through and be absorbed deep into the carpet where it will encourage the growth of biohazards such as mold and mildew.


Act fast! A few moments can make a world of difference and determine whether the stain will be superficial or permanent.


Watch Your Supplies and Methods

Some stain removers do more harm than good. Some will discolor your carpet, leaving it looking worse than if you had left the stain undisturbed. Others will weaken the carpet-fibers, giving your carpet a worn out look. Another type will leave a pungent smell that just won’t go away for days on end.  As you tackle stains, be sure to make use of cleaning supplies that are not only effective but also safe.


Similarly, what may work to remove grass stains may not necessarily work as well for pet stains. Always ensure that you use the right supplies for the job.


Sometimes, removing carpet stains requires just dabbing away at the stain with an absorbent towel. Should you choose to rub at it, or use the vacuum, you may end up spreading the stain. As such, be careful with the method of cleaning you choose.


Know When It’s Time To Replace

If the stains just won’t come out even after repeated attempts at cleaning the carpet, and a distinct smell keeps lingering in the room, then perhaps it is time to consider replacing your carpet.


You should not be made to feel uncomfortable in your own home because of the smell or constantly have to self-medicate because of the allergens that the stains in your carpet attract. Again, a stained carpet should never be the reason why you are too embarrassed or feel self-conscious whenever you have to entertain guests in your home. If it can’t be cleaned then it’s about time it is replaced.


The carpet is one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room. A stained carpet is, without a doubt, an eyesore. To clean or to replace? Be sure to make an informed choice. We’re Custom Furniture and Flooring and if you’re looking to replace your carpet – or just want a quote – you may want to swing by our showroom in Swainsboro or call us at (478) 237 – 6483. We’d be happy to help you!

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