Scratches on Your Wood Floor? Here’s What to Do

You come home after a long day at work and the unbelievable has happened: in some way or another, your beautiful wood floor has got a big, ugly scratch in it. Maybe it was your pet, or maybe a family member dropped something on it, but either way, accidents happen What are you to do? You’ve got a few options that might take care of the problem without spending big money. Check out these ways to fix scratches on your wood floors.

Use a Wood Stain Marker

Go out to a home improvement store and buy a wood stain marker that matches the color of your floor. It’s best to take a sample piece from when you had it installed if you have one or pick a spot out of the way. Then, after you’ve cleaned the floor thoroughly, take the marker and dab it on a clean cloth until the cloth is damp with the color. Then rub the cloth across the scratch. Applying the stain in this way will help prevent over-darkening the area and ensure that you get the right amount of color.

Sand It

Clean the scratched area, and then buff the scratch with a piece of steel wool. Work with the grain rather than against it! Use light, quick motions and blend the scratch into the rest of the wood. You’ll have a slight depression in the floor once this part of the process is done. Afterward, take a stick of wood wax and fill it in. Once the wax has dried, buff and smooth it to remove any excess wax.

These are relatively simple solutions that can be done safely at home without too much risk to your floor. If the above solutions haven’t taken care of the problem, you can call the pros in after all, or depending on where the scratch is, you may be able to conceal it. Scratches in front of doors and near furniture can be hidden pretty easily, by either placing a rug over the damaged area or moving furniture just enough to cover it. If you aren’t excited to spring for repairs just yet, this may be a solution for the time being. If there are just too many scratches to conceal or you feel like it’s time for a whole new floor altogether, be sure to contact us at Custom Furniture and Flooring. Let us help you pick the perfect flooring for your needs. 


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