Seven Things That will Definitely Stain Your Carpet

Any homeowner with carpet, especially the light-colored variety, knows that keeping stains away is a full-time job. Between kids, pets, and the hazards of life, there’s always something out there just waiting to leave a permanent mark. If you’re concerned about keeping the stains away, you should be sure to keep these seven things as far away from your carpet as possible. Consider limiting these and other things that might stain your carpet to a part of your home that has a different flooring, or forcing them outside.


They aren’t called permanent for nothing. Keep sharpies on a high shelf or in another safe space where children can’t find them. Kids love to color, but you don’t want permanent scribbles across your living room floor. But that’s not the only hazard. Be careful when you’re using them as well. Dropping one of these on your floor can result in a bad day. 

Nail Polish

The most popular colors for nail polish are shades of red and pink, which coincidentally might also be the hardest colors of stains to remove. Paint your nails in the bathroom, or at least lay down a newspaper or old towel before you start your pedicure.

Pasta Sauce

Like nail polish, this red stuff won’t come up easy. Be cautious on pasta nights, and keep your plates in the kitchen.

Muddy Feet

How annoying is it to have just cleaned your floor, only to have a family member or pet run through with dirty feet? Mud stains can make your carpet look dingy and old, so be sure to leave dirty shoes outside. Clean your pet’s feet as soon as they come inside, especially after it’s rained.

Pet Urine

Perhaps one of the most infamous stains, those left behind by our furry friends are among the worst. Not only do they stain visibly, but they also leave your carpet with an odor that’s difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, if you catch it right when it happens, you can use a quality cleaner to remove both the sight and the smell, and it will be like it never happened.


Jello and other gelatin products are slippery, and can end up on your carpet before you even know it. If your family likes this kind of dessert, you should limit them to the kitchen.

Red Wine

The classic example of a carpet staining substance, red wine is notorious for those splotches left behind. Besides commercial cleaners, you can try to remove the stain with vinegar, which is a household cure for the red dread. Be prepared to spend several attempts on it, though– and no matter how much you clean it, you may never get a red wine stain out completely. 

Be cautious in the presence of items that might stain your carpet and be sure to have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand in case an accident occurs.


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