Sleep Happy These Holidays With A New Mattress

Give Freely, Sleep Happily

Give your loved ones the best gift this Christmas – a good night’s sleep. A mattress is something that everyone can use – and more importantly, they’ll love it! Who doesn’t like sleeping on a more comfortable bed? Be the best gift-giver this Christmas by gifting someone with one of the many comfy mattresses provided by Custom Furniture and Flooring. While toys will be outgrown or replaced, and shoes and scarves may lay forgotten in the corner of their closets, your friends and family will remember you every time they sink into one of Custom’s soft, snug mattresses for their nightly rest.


Treat Yourself

A largely overlooked part of the holidays includes taking care of yourself. What’s the point of giving if you’ve neglected your own personal care? We need to look after our bodies, and a good night’s rest is an excellent place to start. Studies have shown that sleeping on a new bed instead of an older bed leads to an increase in sleep quality, comfort, and efficiency. It can even provide significant reductions in back pain and stiffness! This is one gift you can’t afford to not give yourself.


The Many Advantages of a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep won’t just lead to better spinal health. With proper sleep in a proper bed, your body’s immune system naturally enhances itself, leading to fewer sick days, a speedier recovery time, and a lowered risk for severe health problems, such as heart disease or diabetes. It can also reduce stress and keep you at a healthier weight. If you’re looking to make or maintain a healthier lifestyle, don’t let your shopping list end at healthy foods or a subscription to the gym. A new mattress is an essential part of your weight-loss gear.


Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

…And give one, too! A good amount of sleep can help you think more clearly and improve your performance at work and school. Your mind will be a happier, more stress-free place, leading to a widespread of life improvements, such as improving your daily interactions with people. Christmas can be a stressful time for some, and a good night’s rest will help offset some of the holiday’s stressors. Holiday cheer can come in many forms. This year, it can come with the gentle roar of snoring or the satisfied yawn of a good night’s rest.


It Doesn’t Matter if You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice

We all have our bad days. We’ve all been stressed out, missed deadlines, or been cranky from a lack of sleep. If your eyes are starting to droop, or if they’ve held bags under them for just a little too long, maybe it’s time to turn them toward Custom Furniture and Flooring, where a sales representative will be happy to turn your bad mood into a good night’s sleep.

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