Sneaky Storage Spaces

If you’re tired of the clutter around your home, it might be time to consider a different way of keeping your items organized. Sure, you know where everything is now, but most of it is in sight and might not be look as picture perfect as you want it to. Luckily, there are a wide variety of creative ways to store your favorite knick knacks or personal belongings to make your home look just like a magazine, or at least a more organized living space. 

Storage Ottomans

You love your ottoman as a way to prop your feet up after a long day, but your footstool can serve double duty. Buy one that has hidden storage underneath and place blankets, pillows, or general clutter in there to be able to  clear out some items that you want to stow away.

Under the Stairs

If you have the luxury of building your own home or live in one that was built with a closet under the stairs or drawers leading up the stairs, take advantage of this extra space and store anything that might need to be easily accessed but not necessarily in plain view. Closets under the stairs are great as coat closets and stair storage would be perfect for a few pairs of shoes to live.

Entertainment Centers

You’ve got your tv in its spot, and probably a few of your movies and
living room CD’s hidden there but it’s a good place for a few other things to hide, as well. Anything you frequently use in the living room can be stashed in an entertainment center. Remote controls, manuals, books, or even other electronics can be stored in the entertainment unit for safe keeping until needed again.

Having a little extra storage for your belongings will create a much less cluttered, anxiety-inducing environment for your living area. You be sure to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

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