Spring Cleaning Your Home

There’s just something about spring. The longer days and the return of sunshine can feel fantastic. The season can also inspire you to spruce up your home after a long, dreary winter. Here are the main things you can do to give your house a thorough spring cleaning.

Go Through your Clothes

Many people acquire clothing at a rapid rate. Slacks, shirts, dresses, skirts, and other articles of clothing can take over your closet, but you might still feel like you have nothing to wear because there’s no organization.

Sort everything into four piles. Keep, Donate, Mend, and Maybe. Before you put something in the Keep pile, try to imagine where you might wear it. If you’re not sure, put it in the Maybe pile.

Put the Keep items back in the closet or dresser. Put the Mend items into a basket you can either tackle yourself or take to a seamstress. Place the Maybe pile into a box and put it under your bed. If you don’t pull any of the clothes out in the next year, you know you don’t need them. Put the Donate box into your car right away, so you can drop it off at the nearest donation center. That will prevent you from putting it off for too long.

Keep clothing clutter at bay by taking a “one in, one out” approach to your clothing. If you find a new shirt, for example, see if you can donate one of your shirts to make room for it.

Clean the cabinets and walls.

You probably keep the floor mopped and the furniture dusted. However, when was the last time you wiped down the walls and cabinets? Get an environmentally friendly cleaner or use a homemade cleaner. If you have sensitive paint or wood finishes, test your cleaner in an inconspicuous area to make sure you won’t cause any damage.

Hit the High Spots

Take a step stool around the house and clean those high areas you never think about, such as the top of the refrigerator, your ceiling fans, and the trim at the top of your walls. Plenty of grime can be found in areas that aren’t part of your regular cleaning routine.

Go for the Windows

Clean windows will let more of that early spring sunshine in. Clean the inside glass with your favorite cleaner. Make sure you give the tracks a good rubdown to remove dirt and pet hair. Doing so will help your windows open and close more smoothly.

Pick a nice, sunny day and use a hose attachment to scrub the outside of the windows. After all, the sunshine will help the water dry quickly. Use a long squeegee to prevent annoying water drops though and be sure to wash all in one direction to avoid streaks.

Beat your Rugs

Take out all of your pent-up energy and aggression on your rugs. Haul them outside and hang them on a clothesline or over a railing or fence. Hit them with a broomstick or kid’s baseball bat. Of course, you could take your rugs to the cleaner, but this way is a lot more fun.

If you happen to need new furniture or flooring as a part of your spring cleaning endeavor, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a few pieces of great furniture to brighten up your home.


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