Stocking your Bedroom in One Trip (it’s more affordable than you might think)

Getting all the furniture you need for your bedroom can be a daunting task for some. Especially so if you have to shop around for the best deal on different items and furniture pieces. Luckily, most furniture salesmen have a vested interest in helping you furnish your bedroom all in one trip and there are several ways we can make it a more affordable and convenient process. Let’s explore a few and discover how you can save money on an entire bedroom suite.

Discounted group purchasing

A guaranteed initial purchase is more than enough to warrant a significant discount on a secondary or complementary item. For example, bedroom set purchases are often paired with discounted mattress and accessories that would cost much more if bought separately. Flooring purchasing works similarly with installation pricing – often the two are bought together for a lower price than if sourced separately.

Group pricing is a win-win practice for business and customer. It provides guaranteed sales for the provider and all-around better pricing for the customer, resulting in a more convenient visit and a more affordable final purchase.

Showcase and example room formats

Another way furniture retailers help customers with their purchasing is through the arrangement and modeling of a showroom. When planning a room, it’s not unheard of for a customer to forget an essential or additional part of the room’s function. For example, the need for a set of dresser drawers might be apparent, but not the need for an additional end table to hold keys or personal items.

Showrooms provide a useful template with which a customer can use to better plan his or her bedroom. Together with group pricing, a well-staged showroom can help even the savviest shopper plan and purchase a fabulous room without forgetting an essential.

Greater ease and affordability of delivery

If you’re looking to save on delivery costs, buying all in one place is the way to go. It helps in the scheduling of the delivery process too. If you purchase your bedroom furniture from several different places, they might not all adhere to a delivery schedule that matches up with your daily routine. We can arrange to deliver your furniture at your convenience – and, if you buy exclusively from us, the follow-up of arranging that furniture into a pattern that you enjoy can be done all at once and without waiting.

It’s no easy task to furnish a new bedroom space. Finding a set of furniture that fits together is just the first step. Through these techniques, we strive to make the next few steps that much easier on our customers. It’s for these reasons why we think stocking a bedroom with one stop is the way to go.

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