How to Stop Your Pet from Chewing and Scratching the Furniture

Claw marks on the door frames and chewed up couch cushions strain the relationship between pet and owner. It can be stressful knowing what to do when your pet is just determined to scratch up your home’s furniture but here are some ways you can keep your pets from wrecking your home.

  • Training. Every time you see your cat climbing on the table or couch, spray her with water. It’s a harm free way to teach her where she shouldn’t go. If you catch your dog shredding something, firmly say, “No!” and offer him something appropriate to chew.
  • Give alternatives to your furniture. If your cat likes to scratch, give her an awesome scratching post. Puppies chew when they’re teething, or out of an insatiable desire to play. If your dog feels the need to chew, make sure he has toys. A bored dog or cat can exhibit all kinds of negative behaviour.
  • Exercise. Make sure your dog or cat has plenty of room to run around. Take them on walks around the neighborhood, or out to splash in the surf at the beach. If you are concerned about their boundless energy causing damage to your home and aren’t able to take them on many walks, consider a fenced-in yard.
  • Create a Safe Space. Many dogs chew or scratch when they are terrified, be it thunder or fireworks or even the vacuum. A safe space they know they can retreat to in the event of scary noises can keep them from freaking out. If your pet is afraid of thunder and lighting, draping their cage in a dark blanket can ease their fear. Also, there are dog compression jackets, which utilize pressure like a big hug to make a dog feel safe.

Choose the best way to keep your pets from scratching up your furniture, and enjoy both the luxury of incredible furniture and the company of your favorite four-legged friend.


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