Stop Ruining Your Hardwood FloorsStop Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

Stop Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

A lot of every day activities can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your hardwood

floor, and you probably don’t even know about it. That’s ok. We’re here to show you some things that can be harmful to your floors.

You might think your rug is protecting the floor from damage, when it actually could be causing a lot of trouble itself. Check the backing on the rug to see if there are any rough spots or places that would scratch the flooring.

Your furniture could be a problem as well. If you don’t use protective padding between the legs of tables, couches, or chairs, ruts and scratches may form – especially if those pieces move easily.

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You may already require that no shoes be worn on the hardwood and think that should be enough to protect them. The trailing sand that attaches to bare feet or other places can grind down into the floor and create scratches or etchings. Your pets nails can to do the same thing if they are long enough.

Watch out for spills that could cause discolorations or stains.¬†Even sunlight could be a main factor in the fading of your wood’s coloring.

Your hardwood floor is probably going to get scratched no matter what, but a little extra attention on your end will keep your flooring looking fantastic for as long as possible. Hard wood is surprisingly resilient and these few care tips can help it last for years and years.

It might seem that simply having hardwood flooring is damaging but they have some real benefits. Although there is a little more care involved, you’ll love the look and feel of hardwood in your home.


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