Storage Ideas for Small Homes

With rising costs of rent and mortgages, many have elected to downsize living spaces for a small house or apartment. While this is a fantastic way to reduce expenses initially, costs can creep back up if you find yourself lacking in household space and having to rent out a storage unit for some of your belongings. A more wallet-friendly alternative is to simply maximize the space you already have and find creative new ways to store what you own.

Overhaul your current space

Over time, we all accumulate belongings we no longer need. The easiest way to create more storage space is to remove clutter. Clean out cupboards and throw away expired food, or donate food that is still good but you don’t plan to use to your local food bank. Purge your closet of anything you haven’t worn within the past year. Throw out empty shoeboxes, or repurpose them into storage containers. Consider selling larger pieces furniture that you don’t find necessary and replacing it with smaller alternatives.

Go vertical

There is a reason that large cities build gigantic skyscrapers– when you build up instead of out, you create additional usable space without compromising square footage. Consider using a tall bookshelf to store DVDs instead of a wide entertainment center and mount your television on your wall to free floor space. Hang shoes in a vertical closet organizer instead of allowing them to take up your closet or bedroom floor. Purchase several small storage bins and stack them on top of one another to store anything you have.

Utilize dead space

There may be extra storage space in your home that you have not even considered. If your bed sits low to the ground, purchase risers and use the extra space underneath it for boxes. (Bonus: buy long, flat storage containers and stack them for even more storage capability.) Store jewelry, scarves, and other accessories in pouch hangers on the back of your closet door. Hang children’s toys in a stuffed animal net from the ceiling in a corner of your child’s bedroom. All of these options allow you to store more without giving up any of your living space.

Nest items

In the kitchen, store small food containers inside larger ones. This also works for pots and glasses. This not only gives you additional cabinet space, but also places all of your similar kitchenwares into a single location, so you’ll never have to hunt for a particular size pot again. You can do that same in your bedroom or bathroom
With these tips, you will be able to get the most out of your small home’s square footage, and you will enjoy a clutter-free and organized home while saving money on both your mortgage and storage unit fees.


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