Thanksgiving is Near and Guests are Here

Thanksgiving is just around the bend and for many people that means it’s time to have everyone over for the holiday. And while it’s nice to see everyone it’s hard work having guests in your home. Maybe it’s the lack of privacy or maybe it’s the criticism that can only come from family but having guests tends to wear on you. There are, however, a few things you can do to minimize the critics and maximize the holiday cheer.


Guest Rooms

Chances are if you’re hosting family often you have a guest room for them to stay in. If not, you may want to upgrade your home and get one or have someone else do the hosting this year. If you already have a guest room there are many ways that you can fix it up to keep your guests comfortable. A new mattress or paint job can really refresh a tired room [or a tired guest!]. If they’re going to be staying awhile you may want to include a dresser and a hamper. An end table — or two if it’s a double — can go a long way towards making the room look less empty.  


The Dining Area

If you’re having guests for Thanksgiving it’s no big stretch to assume you’ll be dining together. And depending on how many people you’ll be entertaining you may need to pull up a chair [or twelve!]. It’s nice to have a solid table and chairs so that you won’t have to worry when your guests get a little rowdy — and let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is rarely a calm and quiet affair. If you consistently have lots of guests over you may want to invest in a longer table so that no one feels left out


The Living Room

The living room is often where people come together, and if you don’t mind people eating away from the table, is a good spot to put people when you run out of space at the table. If your guests are staying more than a few hours, it’s highly likely that the living room will be a place that they congregate when everyone’s not eating. A good couch or two will help them feel right at home in your living room. A nice armchair and a couch is great for everyone — but especially the person who called dibs on the armchair!


All in all, there are many ways to improve your home before guests arrive for Thanksgiving. If you’re interested in any of the items listed in this article we’d love to get you equipped with whatever you need. Remember, you can trust’em at Custom.

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