The 3 Best Flooring Options for Buildings with a Lot of Foot Traffic

Buildings like government facilities, schools, and churches have a lot of people in them every day. That is thousands upon thousands of shoes bringing dirt inside, accidentally spilled drinks, chairs scuffing across, and much more. You need a flooring option that is going to stand up to it all! While some choices, like genuine hardwood floors, may look gorgeous, they are not appropriate for this setting. You have three main options:

Vinyl. Today’s best vinyl doesn’t actually look like vinyl at all. It can look like tile, hardwood, stone, and just about anything else! Vinyl flooring is great for buildings like yours because it is extremely durable and very easy to maintain. It is also quite affordable, especially in bulk. With such a variety of design options, you are sure to find some vinyl flooring you like.

Carpet. Carpet is great for churches and schools that want a nice, soft floor. This option is less expensive than vinyl and it often simply looks better with your furniture and provides a welcoming environment to those inside. With only regular vacuuming and perhaps a little TLC on stains, your carpet will look nice for years to come.

Laminate Flooring. Laminate flooring is incredibly inexpensive. In fact, it is the most affordable of the three, yet still looks great! It is simple to clean and maintain on a regular basis and will stand up to even the toughest traffic and spills. Like vinyl, no one will even know you chose laminate flooring over genuine tile. It looks the same! The only difference will be in your wallet, where you have a lot of your budget left over to put towards other needed expenses!

Which is right for your building? That depends on the exact look you are going for and your budget. No matter which you choose, Custom Furniture and Flooring can handle the job! Reach out to us at (478) 237-6483 and let us know you’d like some help choosing and installing your new floors.

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