The Benefits of Carpet

Carpet is a great choice for many homeowners but just why is that? There are so many different flooring options out there so why exactly do people go with carpeted floors? Because carpet has many amazing benefits and is fairly different from the harder floor options.


Keeps Your Toes Warm

One great benefit of carpet is that it keeps your feet from freezing on a cold hard floor. A great choice for people who live in colder areas for sure. There’s nothing like sinking your ice-cold feet into warm carpet in the morning.


Can Reduce Noise

Carpet can keep the noise level down as well. With carpet noises from shoes and feet are more muted than their noise level on hard floors.


Slip Resistant

Another great thing about carpeted floors is that it’s not as hard to slip on them. Run around on a non-carpeted floor is much more likely to cause one to slip and that’s never a good experience. And, even if you do fall onto the carpeted floor it’s a much softer, less painful impact which makes it a great choice for people with children afoot.


Helps with Allergens

Interestingly enough, it also seems that carpet can help with allergies as it traps airborne allergens in the carpet. Then you can just neatly vacuum the carpet and the allergies are no longer in your airspace or floor space for a little while.


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