The Best Flooring for Pets

The Best Flooring for Pets

If you have pets or are considering getting one, you’re probably — at least a little bit! — concerned about how they can affect your floors. Some flooring types are better than others for pets and you want to do what’s best for your pet and your home. Here’s a quick list of the best types of flooring for you, your pet, and your home.



If you end up choosing hardwood, you’ll want wood floors that are hard enough to resist scratches but not so slippery that your pet will be slipping and sliding into things. Some of the softer woods, like pine and American cherry are easy to scratch and score. Brazilian cherry and walnut, on the other hand, are very durable and can be a great option for your pets.



Tile is a great option for pets because of how scratch resistant they are. Pet accidents can be
easily cleaned up without much damage to the actual floor. The only notable drawback is that the cold hard tile may be uncomfortable for resting pets. Just adding some rugs or pet beds scattered around can fix that problem right up, though.



Vinyl is also a fantastic choice for pets because of how easy it is to clean. Not only that but it is scratch resistant and helps against allergens! The scratch resistance alone makes it a great choice for those puppy or kitty claws but throw in the anti-allergen help and it really makes vinyl look great!


When considering which flooring is right for you, make sure you take into account price and style as well as durability and resistance to common wear and tear. Know your pet and their needs well to pick the perfect flooring type for the both of you.


If you’re interested in installing new flooring, learning more about the best flooring for you and your pet, or just want to browse you can visit our showroom in Swainsboro. If you can’t swing by our showroom — or just don’t feel up to it — then give us a call. We’re happy to help! Remember, “you can trust’em at Custom!”

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