The Best Flooring For Your Bathroom

You’re getting ready to demo that old bathroom and give it an overhaul. Before settling on the new tub and shiny sink, take a look into all of your options for the flooring. There’s so many samples to look through. Which one should you choose? We’ve got a list of our favorite flooring types for your bathroom remodel to help out with the tough decision.

modern bathroom


Tile seems to be the most popular material for bathroom floors because of its stain-resistant and water-proof qualities. Be sure to find a tile that is slip resistant so that no accidents occur when water is involved. The only drawback with tile is how cold the flooring can feel to your wet, bare feet.


With easy-to-clean properties and stain resistance, vinyl is a great bathroom choice. If using a sheet a vinyl, seams for water to seep under (to damage the flooring) are virtually nonexistent. Including a foam backing will create a softer feel — so that if accidents do happen, the fall may not hurt at all. This a great choice when price is a major factor.

cork tilesCork

Cork flooring, made from bark, is mold and mildew resistant, perfect for your restroom. As a renewable resource, this is a great “green” option and a hypoallergenic one at that. The naturally spongy material is great at resisting water damage but heavy objects dropping on or sliding across the cork can easily damage the flooring.


This relatively inexpensive choice is also as eco-friendly as flooring comes. Bamboo is extremely durable and perfect for environments that frequently hold moisture, like your bathroom. The hard surface is a strong material and is naturally mold and mildew resistant as well.


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