The Best Flooring For Your Home Office

The Best Flooring For Your Home Office

When setting up your home office, besides chairs, furniture, and the desk where your computer will reside, the most important aspect will be the flooring beneath your feet. You’ll need a floor that is tough, durable, and one that will stand up to wheeling back and forth in your office chair.

You can tailor make your flooring to what works best for the kind of home office that you have, and here are some ideas to consider when looking into a project like this.


  • Wood Flooring — Topping this list is wood flooring. It is a hard surface, so it is easy for your office chair to roll over, it will easily support heavy desks or filing cabinets, and it’s beautiful to look at. Choose solid wood or a laminate, whichever best suits your budget.
  • Vinyl Flooring — If you are looking for durability above all else, vinyl flooring may be the answer. It is incredibly easy to clean, and those early morning coffee spills will simply wipe up and never leave a stain. Your desk chair will roll easily from place to place; just remember to use foot pads beneath cabinets and desks to limit indentations that might harm your flooring.
  • Carpeting — A commercial carpet or church carpeting is another good flooring choice. This is a low nap type of carpet, and depending on the color you choose, electrical and phone cords will be easy to hide. It naturally soundproofs your office, so a rolling chair won’t make much noise, especially if your office is on the second floor or you’re trying to let the little ones nap. Stain guard will keep stains away, and it make vacuuming an easy way to clean the room.


There are other flooring options too, like cork and even tile, and in certain situations they will also work. However, the most common and the best flooring options for virtually any home office setting, will be one of the three listed above.


If you have any questions contact us by phone or come visit our showroom. We can discuss what flooring options are right for your home office or any other room, and you’ll be able to choose the type and style of flooring that will best suit your needs. Remember, “you can trust’em at Custom!”


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