The Best Presentation For Your Celebration

Thanksgiving looms ever closer, and with it, the frantic grocery shopping, the family phone calls, and the renovations necessary for the improvement of your home interior. It’s been too long since you’ve seen some of them, and you want to make a good impression. Sure, the food’s going to be great, but isn’t presentation half the part?


But Where Do I Start?

If you’re looking for a kitchen upgrade, you’re going to first need to think about what everyone will be looking at. Sure, the kitchen’s a big place, with lots of amenities, but no one’s eyes are going to be focused on the china cabinet unless they plan on loading piles of delicious food atop them first. And where do you put the food? The dining room table. You don’t want scratches or food stains detracting from the splendor of your family-prepared-fiesta, do you? A compliment from your mother-in-law wouldn’t hurt, either. Dress your holiday home to impress.


But What Kind?

There are lots of different tables for you to take a look at, and lots of different materials to match! To name just a few of them, marble, wood, and laminate dining room tables all look spectacular, and would almost certainly add to your home décor.


Marble tables fit the “modern” style very nicely but can be the centerpiece of many different styles of decoration. Remember, it’s up to you how to garnish your Thanksgiving kitchen. Wood tables are a classic. Smooth and elegant, the rich brown-and-black wooden look adds a more refined look to your kitchen, and certainly won’t disappoint. Laminated tables are the contemporary classic, and can be made to fit most styles of home decoration, from imitating wood to a nice, polished white.


But How Much?

A representative of Custom Furniture and Flooring will be happy to talk to you about all your budgeting concerns. The price of different tables varies from the size, make, and style, so in order to get the most bang for your buck, a quick phone call might be in order. Remember, “You can trust ‘em at Custom!”


But What About An Outdoors Thanksgiving?

A dining room table doesn’t have to be put in the dining room. It’s your house — you get to decorate it how you wish. That’s the beauty of renovating! If you want to eat outside, for example, you might want to have an idea as to what kinds of tables work best for leaving the great outdoors unscathed. Laminate and synthetic dining room tables are both inexpensive and durable, a great pick for a picnic outing. If you’re planning on celebrating nature, wood dining room tables are a great way to immerse yourself in the tranquility and ambiance of Mother Nature.


But Don’t Wait! Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

When it comes to bringing the family together, nothing’s better than food. But after the turkey’s been cut and portions have been divided, you’ll want something more to ensure this year’s Thanksgiving Feast is a memorable one. Give the family a dining room table to eat on that’s so shiny, they can eat off it! Lacquered wood, metal, laminate… Reflected in that table’s sheen is a portrait of your loved ones. Give them the holiday dinner they deserve. And maybe — just maybe – they’ll be too busy focused on their reflection in the varnish to talk about politics.  

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