The Best Time of Year to Buy Furniture

In today’s market of fluctuating prices, it pays to know when pricy products are going to be on sale. A big sale could mean the difference between being able to afford your dream couch or having to settle for less. There is a pattern to big-ticket sales – and not just the annual Black Friday sale. Many sales go unnoticed and unannounced. If a company has surplus furniture, or if they’re looking to sell the next big thing on the furniture market, you can anticipate an older piece of furniture – one that’s just as good as what’s about to be advertised – to see a speedy price cut. Often, sales exist to sell the remaining stock to make room for something else. The trick to anticipating a sale is to recognize the signs.


The First Sign: Post-Holiday Deals

A lot of furniture sells during holiday periods, most notably during Christmas. It’s a time when people can be expected to be making big purchases for their loved ones, and a lot of furniture sales are made during this time. In order to accommodate a larger number of sales, more pieces of furniture are made in turn. But after the holiday season is over, there’s often a surplus of goods. That can be problematic for home appliance stores that want to reserve space on the floor or in storage for other things. They could simply wish to make a fast sale. Whatever the case, it would be a wise New Years resolution to scout out the prices of top brands, such as Ashley’s Furniture, TEI, or Fancy West Designs.


Be Wary of the Weather

While January makes for a good time to make a steal off couch, chair, and table prices, it doesn’t make for the best time to buy new furniture. January has a number of predictable price reductions that make it noteworthy, but you also have to put up with the hassle of cold weather and potential weather hazards. Snowy conditions could make bringing furniture inside the home difficult, even for experienced delivery-and-assembly crews. Even if you have a warranty, it’s best to limit the number of potential situations where an accident could occur.


Summertime Sales

During the summer, weather conditions are a lot more amenable to moving furniture. In addition, summertime sales are as predictable as the summer heat’s resurfacing. Like its seasonal opposite, summer is a good time to anticipate price cuts. July, in particular, makes for a fantastic month to go furniture shopping. It’s a good ways off from Christmas, meaning that your bank account will have had ample time to recover from serving in Santa’s place. August is also just a month away, when new furniture styles are advertised, which make for a number of Last Chance sales – perfect for an enterprising shopper such as yourself.


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