The Perfect Playroom Carpet

The perfect playroom carpet needs to be something colorful, something vibrant, and most of all, it needs to be something stain-resistant. A playroom is going to see plenty of use, which means it’s going to see plenty of gunk. Children are mess magnets – it’s just a part of being a kid. That doesn’t mean that having a kid has to mean a stained floor, however. With the right kind of carpet, you can keep your flooring ketchup, mustard, and dirt stain-free. The trick is knowing which one to pick, and why. Here are a few kinds of carpets that will work well for your children’s playroom.



Nylon that has been treated with stain protection repels stains as easily as broccoli repels a child’s appetite. If you’re going to have a room dedicated to mess-magnets, it pays to have the carpet be made of something that will repel the stains, rather than hold them in. Nylon is also incredibly elastic. This means that it can stretch to a third of its length and still retain its original shape. This is a useful quality to have when factoring in the number of feet that will come to trample the carpet. Nylon is also static-resistant, which minimizes the number of shocks dealt to delicate fingers. Water-based spills – like soda stains – aren’t a problem with nylon, due to its water-resistant nature. The maximum amount of liquid nylon can soak up is only ten percent of its total volume.



When it comes to color, polyester can’t be beat. Polyester carpets come in a wide spectrum of colors, some of which might not be possible for other forms of carpets. Bright neon colors – like pinks and reds – are a specialty of polyester. Polyester is also stain-resistant, which means that those bright colors will stay bright even after the playroom has been in use for some time. Like nylon, it’s a good choice for floors which see a large amount of play-traffic for its elasticity and water-resistance. Nylon carpets are also soft. They’ll look good in a playroom, keep looking good, and feel good to boot.



Olefin boasts less resistance than nylon or polyester but sports a high soil resistance, and it dries quickly. It won’t retain its shape as easily as nylon will, but its elasticity can be improved by ordering tightly-looped olefin fiber carpets. An olefin carpet might be ideal for a basement playroom, especially if it’s connected to the outside. Olefin resists mold for the efficient rate it dries at, and its soil-repellent nature provides you with a good option for older children who play outside, such as for sports.



Woolen carpets are not very stain-resistant, but like olefin, wool is soft and soil-resistant. Wool is a naturally beautiful carpet. Its texture is pleasing to the eye and it retains color well over the years. Wool possesses flame-resistant qualities and doesn’t melt like other carpet fibers do. If you like to use candles around the house, wool is a good choice for you. The last thing a playroom needs is a fire. Wool may not have the stain resistance of nylon or olefin, but it definitely still qualifies as a good choice for a child’s playroom. If you’re still looking to see which form of carpet would work best for you, feel free to call us at our phone number (478-237-6483). Remember, “You can trust ‘em at Custom!”

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