Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Without a good night’s rest it can be nearly impossible to have a productive day so the bedroom is definitely an area you want to be done right. Here are a few things that we’ve found are important in a bedroom.


Sheets and Pillows

You’ve probably noticed that beds in hotels have more layers of sheets on them than your typical household bed. Using three sheets plus thicker blankets on top helps to make the bed very soft. Additional layers also gives you extra coverage for colder nights should you need it. When you make your bed, be sure to flatten and tuck the sheets into the bed for that fresh-pressed look. If you’re really dedicated, you can even iron or steam your sheets; for a quicker solution, just throw them in the dryer for a bit, and most of the wrinkles will fall out.


Consider investing in multiple pillows. While cheaper hotels may only provide one per person, more luxurious resorts often seem to cover the bed in pillows. Be sure to stand them up at the head of the bed rather than laying them flat. Doing all of this makes your room look inviting and extra comfortable. Keep your pillows fresh and fluffy by washing them on your machine’s gentle cycle and drying them on low with a tennis ball.



You may find that you choose to skip accessory decorations such as small throw pillows. Your focal point of your room is the freshly made bed, and additional decor can potentially distract from this. You will notice that many hotels do not decorate the beds in their rooms, instead choosing to hang wall art above them and draw the guest’s eye to the bed itself. Try it for yourself.




Many hotels and resorts have packed carpeting (we call this commercial carpeting) to add a cushion to the floor because of the high traffic coming through them. It’s likely that you aren’t going to be having hundreds of people walking through the bedroom so a nice fluffy carpeting  would be perfect for your home.


Take the time to make your bedroom or guest bedroom the coziest room in your house.

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